One Camera / One Week / Five Films

Living in times
of Coronavirus

Empty streets, no planes on the blue sky, hardly any air pollution and many people locked up at home. During these times of Coronavirus reality becomes still more and more surreal. Confined by your all too well-known four walls, the news feeds are more important than ever since they have become our only window to the outside world. The gravity of this new reality sneaks in – like a dazy daydream or a slow nightmare restricting your daily life. Now, and maybe also in the years to come.

Daraj and Copenhagen-based IMS want to bring out stories from our lives in times of Coronavirus; stories of realities made and shared as we live it. Within one week, five of Lebanon’s strongest filmmakers have made five films, five reports, five brief encounters from a shared reality in a contagious world.

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Zeina Sfeir

Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea

A report on TV took the director on a trip inside her house, during the lockdown, to remember her late parents.

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Carol Mansour

A COVID-eo Diary

COVID-eo is a film that portrays the director’s thoughts, feelings, hopes and fears in her hometown Beirut.

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Lamia Joreige

Nights and Days in times of pandemic

This video takes the form of a diary to reflect on time, intimacy and creativity during the Covid19 confinement, as well as on the recent uprising in Lebanon.

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Ghassan Salhab

Rear Window

Nothing is more real than nothing (unless it’s the other way around).

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Mahmoud Hojeij

What are you doing after the orgy?

It is still not clear what is the real difference between staying home and going out, between talking and remaining silent, and between slavery and freedom.

لتصلكم نشرة درج الى بريدكم الالكتروني